Stalker sent victim a video saying he ‘would be dead soon and it’s all your fault’

An obsessed man who could not stop following and contacting a mum – has been jailed for over six years.

Richard Davies, 34, was even slapped with Cleveland Police’s first ever Stalking Protection Order (SPO) but that did not stop him tormenting his victim.

Teesside Crown Court has heard a long list of phone calls and threats that Davies continued to make to the woman, despite being repeatedly arrested and bailed by police. Davies stalked the woman for over five months late last year and into this year.

He turned up outside her home shouting obscenities and made continuous threatening phone calls to her. When the woman blocked him on social media, Davies created fake profiles and continued to send her abusive messages.

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Prosecutor Shada Mallor told the court that Davies told the woman that he would get her children taken away from her. Social services became involved after he contacted them.

Ms Mellor said that on January 29, Davies phoned his victim 38 times, saying: “I’m outside and I’m going to get you.” He picked up a plant pot in her back garden and threw it at a window.

Davies was arrested in February but then told his victim that he was going to report her to social services and the police, and get her kids taken away from her. Petrified, the woman agreed to meet with him but didn’t turn up at the last minute.

Davies then sent her a photograph of him crying whilst waiting for her; before asking for money. He later sent a photo of himself outside of her house and then a video showing a tree and him crying, with something round his neck.

He messaged: ” I am done. Once I jump there’s no going back. You made me do this.

“I mean it I’ll be dead soon and it’s all your fault. Don’t phone me as I’ll be dead. I’ll do it in four minutes.”

By April, Davies was sending photos of himself in her back garden, threatening: “If you’re not in by 11am I’m going in the house. Ring me or I’ll smash the house up.” The woman, who was on holiday at the time, asked him to leave her alone.

Police then handed Davies a stalking protection order but in May, when the victim was out walking in Middlesbrough, Davies began following her and calling her abusive names. When she told him to, “f*** off” he spat in her face.

The woman, who came into court to make a statement about how the stalking affected her, said some of his spittle went into her eye. She said he then spat at her again before pushing her – leaving her, “stressed, upset and dazed.”

Davies, of Kedlestone Park in Coulby Newham, pleaded guilty to stalking between September 2021 and February 2022; breaching a non-molestation order; breaching a stalking order; common assault and another count of stalking at an earlier hearing. The court heard that he has a previous conviction for stalking.

Michele Turner, defending, told the court that her client had drug addiction problems and was dealing with the sudden death of his sister, at the time of his offending.

Davies, who was in HMP Hull, listened to the hearing via prison video link. His mother sat in the public gallery of the courtroom.

Judge Alex Menary told Davies that his behaviour was, ” vile and unpleasant – calculated to cause maximum distress over a prolonged period of time.” Davies was jailed for six years and three months.


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